Collection: Moonlight on Water

The Veil

In the light I whisper promises,

Carried by the winds, 

As they echoed softly in the moonlit sky.

I speak of my sorrows and plead my case,

I shatter and break in that endless space.

In between the …

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The Felled and the Fallen

The Felled and the Fallen

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Beyond This Room

Sure Thing

It is that with which the wind blows

And the snowflakes carry from the skies

The mountains echo in their deep crevasses

The sky possesses  in her blue, graceful expanse

The child has in her smile

The earth …

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Sam Miller-McDonald explores themes of greed and mortality through poetry imbued with imagery that evokes essences and scenes of the natural world.
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Other Creatures: A Poetic Tribute

Other Creatures: A Poetic Tribute

Have you ever been asked, “If you could be any animal in the world, which animal would you be?” This is a tribute to all of the animals that never get chosen.
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