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A Collection of Sculptures

A Collection of Sculptures

The purpose of my artwork is to invoke an awakening of the sensual. Stimulating a perceptual, internal, and intellectual response for the viewer: a visual that speaks to life's experiences. Creating symbols of universal connection underscores the relationship that one has to another and to nature.
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Unabated Wildfires Within Maples

Unabated Wildfires Within Maples

Morphologies emerge in variable ways, Protruding through space and time, Yielding multifarious mazes.
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Stone Memory V

Stone Memory

On July 23rd, 2018, I witnessed a 10’ flash flood tear past my Santa Fe home. A tsunami in a quiet valley, washing downstream animals, debris, and tumbling boulders, leaving behind a raw and reordered landscape.
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The Seven Men of Eptagonia and Other Poems

The Seven Men of Eptagonia

(with interjections from my grandfather)

In a small town up the breast of the uppermost land mound there is a land of Seven Corners where - They do - there are seven men who 
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Collection: Moonlight on Water

The Veil

In the light I whisper promises,

Carried by the winds, 

As they echoed softly in the moonlit sky.

I speak of my sorrows and plead my case,

I shatter and break in that endless space.

In between the …

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A Collection of Images by Bette Ridgeway

A Collection of Images by Bette Ridgeway

Bette Ridgeway is best known for her large-scale, luminous poured canvases that push the boundaries of  light, color and design. Her youth spent in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York and  her extensive global travel have informed her colorful palette. For the past two decades, the high desert  light of Santa Fe, NM has fueled Ridgeway’s art practice. 
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Ancient Olive Trees

May a man look up from the utter hardship of his life and say: let me be like these.

Hölderlin, In Lovely Blue.

1 Circa 1400 BCE. An olive tree in Vouvés, Crete. From ‘vouvismos’ meaning the whispering of the …

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A Lesson From Ancient Polylepis Trees

A Lesson From Ancient Polylepis Trees

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A couple weeks ago, I wandered the Polylepis forest in the Chimborazo Park Reserve. After a two-hour trek through the sandy trail, passing by vicuna animals and native Andean shrubs, I saw the entrance. The …

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