Collection: Moonlight on Water

The Veil

In the light I whisper promises,

Carried by the winds, 

As they echoed softly in the moonlit sky.

I speak of my sorrows and plead my case,

I shatter and break in that endless space.

In between the knowing,

That thin veil which holds the question,

I lay all my tears and desires. 

I rest by that creek and listen to the gentle stream,

I shut my eyes slow,

and wait for that flowing dream. 

A Fading Ripple

I sway as the years fly by

A dance of becoming and unbecoming

of learning and unlearning.

I dance with that sorrow

and a heart filled 

with life’s marrow.

As the leaves fall and the ripples fade,

So do these shadows drift

to shade.

Souls Scattered

Souls scattered, scraping,

Searching along the open fields.

These lost souls wandering lonely, 

So far apart,

on intersecting ripples,

arising as quickly as they fall apart.

They were fading into that misty dense fog,

dissolving into beds of moss,

shining with an eerie gloss.

Shipwrecked hearts lie sinking in shadows,

Lost in the echoes of their sorrows.

An ode to moss on stone

When I see you my dear moss,

I feel a sense of certainty I can not quite grasp.

Your beauty subtle,

And a source of strength. 

You thrive on the hardest of stones, 

On barren lands and under crushed feet,

Between the cracks of concrete,

And within the darkest folds of one’s soul.

You bring color through shades of gray

And softness to the stones you caress.

Oh, how you bring out the beauty of any landscape

With the texture of your touch,

The ease of your embrace.  

Even under hints of moonlight do you shine and glow

In tones of greens that gently flow. 

As I sit still near a running river with

Sunlight softly reddening my cheeks.

I close my eyes and inhale.

I picture the light coming in,

The fears and anxieties slowly setting sail

to the sounds of the lapping waters

While moss grows gently over me,

Piece by piece shrouding my vessel

And healing me from within.

Claudio Yurdadön

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