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Beyond This Room

Sure Thing

It is that with which the wind blows

And the snowflakes carry from the skies

The mountains echo in their deep crevasses

The sky possesses  in her blue, graceful expanse

The child has in her smile

The earth …

by × July 3, 2021 × 3 comments

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Home | Bird and Broom

Home | Bird and Broom


Bird and Broom

I’ve dropped my broom

run out of the house

sonic boom of a fighter jet

bird song halted.

How will you pick up your song

and I my broom

and carry on?…

by × April 14, 2021 × 0 comments

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Winter Waning

Winter Waning

Despite a warming climate, "there is still beauty even in this changing season."
by × February 12, 2019 × 1 comment