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The Seven Men of Eptagonia and Other Poems

The Seven Men of Eptagonia

(with interjections from my grandfather)

In a small town up the breast of the uppermost land mound there is a land of Seven Corners where - They do - there are seven men who 
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Collection: Moonlight on Water

The Veil

In the light I whisper promises,

Carried by the winds, 

As they echoed softly in the moonlit sky.

I speak of my sorrows and plead my case,

I shatter and break in that endless space.

In between the …

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Ancient Olive Trees

May a man look up from the utter hardship of his life and say: let me be like these.

Hölderlin, In Lovely Blue.

1 Circa 1400 BCE. An olive tree in Vouvés, Crete. From ‘vouvismos’ meaning the whispering of the …

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Stone Memory V

Stone Memory

On July 23rd, 2018, I witnessed a 10’ flash flood tear past my Santa Fe home. A tsunami in a quiet valley, washing downstream animals, debris, and tumbling boulders, leaving behind a raw and reordered landscape.
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In the Green

In the Green

I’m not a very good nature tour guide. For one thing, I don’t know much about nature. For another, I walk very quickly; I have to keep reminding myself to slow down. Despite my shortcomings; however, two days before Halloween 2019, I take my English Composition class on a walk to a nearby greenspace, a short walk from our community college campus in Queens. Greenspace. It’s such a recent compound that Word autocorrects it into two.
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Re-Memories of Warming

Memories are translations. We gather much and miss more. I originally compiled this archive in spring of 2022 for a final project in a course on environmental histories and values. I did it mostly for myself. I wanted to attend to what I had picked up throughout the pandemic — people, places, poems, photographs. These fragments are re-memories of ecosystems and relational nests.
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