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In the Green

In the Green

I’m not a very good nature tour guide. For one thing, I don’t know much about nature. For another, I walk very quickly; I have to keep reminding myself to slow down. Despite my shortcomings; however, two days before Halloween 2019, I take my English Composition class on a walk to a nearby greenspace, a short walk from our community college campus in Queens. Greenspace. It’s such a recent compound that Word autocorrects it into two.
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Re-Memories of Warming

Memories are translations. We gather much and miss more. I originally compiled this archive in spring of 2022 for a final project in a course on environmental histories and values. I did it mostly for myself. I wanted to attend to what I had picked up throughout the pandemic — people, places, poems, photographs. These fragments are re-memories of ecosystems and relational nests.
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A Visit to “The New York Earth Room”

A Visit to “The New York Earth Room”

Today’s itinerary: visit Earth Room, where a layer of soil, two feet thick, has occupied a gallery in SoHo since 1977.
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The Apple Orchard

The Apple Orchard

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Photo credit: Farm Sanctuary

The Cow in the Room

People often avoid the elephant in the room, but it’s time we talk about the cow in the room. She is a ruminant, after all, and can no longer be ignored. Indeed, the room is getting increasingly crowded and stinky. …

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Beyond This Room

Sure Thing

It is that with which the wind blows

And the snowflakes carry from the skies

The mountains echo in their deep crevasses

The sky possesses  in her blue, graceful expanse

The child has in her smile

The earth …

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