Beyond This Room

Sure Thing

It is that with which the wind blows

And the snowflakes carry from the skies

The mountains echo in their deep crevasses

The sky possesses  in her blue, graceful expanse

The child has in her smile

The earth in her soil

The dog in my arms.

It is that with which spreads

the smell of rain

The mist of pain

The holding of hands

The birdsong

The breathing–

 It is a gift.

. . .

Peepal Leaves

I took a sheet of summer

Wrote these blank verses

Of the Peepal leaves

Who knew not

That they were singing

Songs for me.

Their cluster of leaves




Drenched in the pale nectar of the eve.

I took in the rustle

The shimmer

The breeze

I hoped

I dreamed.

. . .

A Moment

An orange, black and white butterfly

Rubs its wings

Fluttering amongst the lips of the breeze

The Sunlight dances upon my fingers

There is a great uproar of the shadows of rustling leaves.

I tune in and out

For it is a wonderful afternoon to seize.

. . .


Large sky

From down I wonder, what made you so vast, and bright, and blue?

Willing to take the shit that happens everywhere around you.

What makes you so light? and what sustains your peace?

Even when the night blares its neon streetlights,

disturbing your sleep .

From where do you have the patience to withstand all the filth?

Ah! I know. It is from the birds and the trees and the butterflies that

You gain your compassion

Expand your peaceful horizon

For the spring wind to blow

For the starling to sing, take flight

In the garden, letting go.

Their flutterings make you colourful and wise,

Filling you with light and sunshine.

When I look at you, bright day sky

I forget my vexations   

And uncrease my brow .

I seek those butterflies and birds and trees myself

It is a difficult task from down here, I can’t find them too easily

I lack the peace, its necessity

Amidst cityscapes and landmines .

But knowing you, my dear sky

I have all the mind and the courage

To look for them in the

Dark creases and the gray alleys of this city earth,

To give me life

To give me grace

Give me songs that

Flutter in the breeze,

Then, I will be quiet

And heal.

Megha Anne Wilson

Megha writes poetry, loves trees, and lives with her dogs and dreams.

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  1. Bishnu shankar mahapatra Mahapatra says:

    Outstanding poems Megha ! You have a powerful way with words! Keep writing

  2. Suyash Bahuguna says:

    Amazing and beautiful poems Megha you have a great way with words to express your feelings. Waiting for more….!

  3. Beautiful poems Megha! You made me feel the peepal leaves singing songs for you!!!

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