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The Seven Men of Eptagonia and Other Poems

The Seven Men of Eptagonia

(with interjections from my grandfather)

In a small town up the breast of the uppermost land mound there is a land of Seven Corners where - They do - there are seven men who 
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A Lesson From Ancient Polylepis Trees

A Lesson From Ancient Polylepis Trees

Originally published 3/7/23 on https://isabelavalencia.com/a-lesson-from-ancient-polylepis-trees/

A couple weeks ago, I wandered the Polylepis forest in the Chimborazo Park Reserve. After a two-hour trek through the sandy trail, passing by vicuna animals and native Andean shrubs, I saw the entrance. The …

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Beyond This Room

Sure Thing

It is that with which the wind blows

And the snowflakes carry from the skies

The mountains echo in their deep crevasses

The sky possesses  in her blue, graceful expanse

The child has in her smile

The earth …

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Intertidal invertebrates in a rotting log on Boundary Bay beach. Photo by Susannah Anderson.

Call for Pitches: Our Print Issue

Want to write for Sage? Send us your pitch by Monday, January 19.
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Valerie Moye in India, part 2

Valerie Moye in India, part 2

June 9, 2013

Delhi Slum Neighborhoods

On our second day in Delhi, the US PIRE students learned firsthand about the social and public health implications of poor urban infrastructure. Dr. Tapan Jyoti, a Peer PIRE participant sponsored by USAID, first …

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Eriel Daranger, one of ELEMENTAL's three very human subjects, during the Tar Sands Healing Walk.

A Very Human Struggle: The Making of a Different Kind of Documentary

Noah Sokol sits down with one of the co-directors of the new documentary ELEMENTAL, which screened recently at the Environmental Film Festival at Yale. They get to talking about capturing the human side of activism, and the personal toll commitment to a cause can exact.
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