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Henry (H.L.) Wolf; Independence on the Plains, Gathering Chips; Late 19th century; Albumen silver print; Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Fort Worth, Texas; P1976.19.11

Gathering Chips

One of my favorite photographs hangs in my bathroom.

At its center is a wheelbarrow, with wooden handles, braces, and legs. The ten-spoke wheel is iron. Cow chips – dry dung – are stacked two feet high in the tray. …

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Stacking Wood

Stacking Wood

This piece was originally written as part of a larger poetry and prose project that explored the author’s relationship with his family’s farm in Tennessee. Over a month-long span, he reflected daily on the lessons that the place and its

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Red Soil, Green Gold, Dark Secrets

Red Soil, Green Gold, Dark Secrets

 he bones of deceased Guaraní shamans used to decorate forest pockets in pre-colonial times, when Mata Atlântica, “The Atlantic Forest,” still stretched out its arms across South America. From modern-day northeastern Argentina to the southern Brazilian coast, the “Atlantic …

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San Isidro, Havana, Cuba

Urban Farm-Fed Cities: Lessons from Cuba’s Organopónicos

An intimate portrait of urban farms in Cuba explores the implications for sustainable agriculture and food access for urban communities.
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Farmers Adapt to a Changing Climate in Burkina Faso

Farmers Adapt to a Changing Climate in Burkina Faso

A photojournalist captures the impacts of climate change on agriculture in Burkina Faso, and the innovative solutions these communities have responded with in adjusting to a new climate reality.
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Photo by Oakley Originals/CC BY.

Who is Watching the Land?
Wendell Berry and the Resettling of America

The agrarian prophet discusses food, farming, and why he has hope.
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