Pollinating Connecticut

A familiar face in the New Haven community gardening scene, the aptly named Benjamin Gardner runs a handful of agricultural ventures from his homestead farm in Bethany, CT. But Gardner is perhaps best known for his beekeeping work: he runs hives for homes, businesses, and schools, including the Yale Farm. Check out this piece about New Haven’s very own Apiary Artiste, and then slather honey over whatever you’re eating.

Tahria Sheather

Inspired by its breathtaking beauty and wild nature, Tahria has always had a love for the environment and communicating its complexities. After studying journalism and geography at the University of Sydney, Australia, she worked with government and non-profit groups to communicate issues from environmental planning and development to climate change and food security. Amidst endless travel and exploration, the Australian native developed her photographic skill and now also expresses her passion for the environment and storytelling through the lens.

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  1. Beautifully shot! Great work, Tahria!

  2. What cool piece! Interesting story, interesting guy. The music is cool and the shooting is fantastic. I really enjoyed watching this. Looking forward to seeing more!

  3. How did I miss this? Excellent video, Tahria. I particularly like the macro shots of the bees and flower buds.

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