Blue eyes, sometimes grey and stormy

Others clear as cloudless day. One moment safe

Enveloped in translucent depths

Next, the ice wall melts

Glaciers crash below; an enormous splash

Waves build

A mountain face of swirling color, kaleidoscope of shimmering light



Swallowing blue and salt and foam



Struggling to swim up

Desperate for air

Weak arms and legs struggle against the swirl of white

The surface looms, dancing


Ocean mass weighing down. Blue is all that is known

Kelp entangling limbs in their slick embrace

Brown eyes, vast, the darkest depths of the universe

A deep cavern beckons

A warm breath of air, summoned from the deep, loosens the chill of the ocean’s grip

One blink holds all existence

Reflecting pools of stardust on damp skin




Stars shine against the sky’s backdrop

A tableau of flickering candle lights

Ethereal glow upon the ocean’s surface


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  1. Eli Hernandez says:

    Beautiful poem yet also a stark reminder of the consequences and perils of living out of balance with nature. There’s so much each stanza, each line, word, and noun concept. And much left to interpretation as any great poem does. I see and feel the struggle of a polar bear trying to survive in a world altered by climate change.

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