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The Valley of Uncertainty

The Valley of Uncertainty

An indigenous people dislocated by conservation and development in Southwest China.
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The youth of Sacred Stone actively participate in council meetings and often stand on the frontlines as the first line of peaceful defense against the militarized forces of DAPL.

The Center of the World

The protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline brought the attention of the world crashing down on the banks of the Missouri River. If justice must exist in place, what does it look like?
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Carlos fishing in the bay of Santa Clara de Uchunya [PHOTO CREDIT: Sarah Sax]

Seguimos Luchando: We Will Continue Our Fight

Deep in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, the encroachment of internationally-owned palm oil plantations on ancestral Shibipo lands inspires a village's resistance.
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Sage Magazine 2017 Print Edition: Justice Out of Place

Sage Magazine 2017 Print Edition: Justice Out of Place

The 2017 Sage Magazine Editorial Board is excited to present the 2017 Print Edition: Justice Out of Place. In this year's print edition, we step into the communities on the frontlines of environmental conflict.
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The Newtok post office. Photo by Jon Meyer.

Moses and the Marines

Indigenous Yup'ik Alaskans grapple with the relocation of their town as permafrost thaws and riverbanks erode.
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When a Tree Falls in the Amazon

When a Tree Falls in the Amazon

Brazil's environmental laws have come a long way since the 1980's. But that doesn't mean the Amazon is well-protected.
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