Really Good Poems by Alanna Bailey

New Orleans


The way a wasp’s nest hints at the thick

of a Pan’s flute above a doorway, or the way

the American flag morphs into a new Guernica


when left soaked underwater for too long. I can see

the ease in which the treachery comes, prowling,

sleek— as though feeling a palm to my cheek bent,


crescent, set to raid my breast… All that Spanish Moss

and plywood just spat out in heaps. But then comes

the heat, humid and tender, licking slow, all about


my body. This summer air so ferocious

you could nearly swear it has the appetite

of a lover’s tongue at first kiss, or, the hunger


for that once known taste, that stirring,

that rips you open— so desperate on me now

it is like the memory of a phantom leg, kicking,


trying alone, to wade in the water.



One Comment

  1. I saw a way out
    I saw hope but no way out
    what’s in the dark must come to light
    our hearts trully shine so bright
    my faith my guide
    my pleaset dream that guides me through the night
    I am Ashley…..
    I shine so bright
    more than any star that shines in the sky
    I make a way
    I see a away
    I take it and I break free
    and then I set off and now I am free
    This is me.

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