Really Good Poems by Alanna Bailey



Below the weight

of the worlds pallet,

the sea rolls, kneading

at my sides with

its woman’s nocturne.

So desolate, this


floating. I was just

waiting for a sign.

Someone to come,

one of those stars to

finally swing down

next to me, tell me,

they’ve seen roots,


the grain… Yet

with time it will

occur to me, that I

might, actually,

be an island.



One Comment

  1. I saw a way out
    I saw hope but no way out
    what’s in the dark must come to light
    our hearts trully shine so bright
    my faith my guide
    my pleaset dream that guides me through the night
    I am Ashley…..
    I shine so bright
    more than any star that shines in the sky
    I make a way
    I see a away
    I take it and I break free
    and then I set off and now I am free
    This is me.

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