Really Good Poems by Alanna Bailey


In the Middle of a Field down in Louisiana

                         Driving through Plaquemines Parish


An overturned cement draining pipe lies heavy,

protruding up from the overgrown

weeds like an elephant who couldn’t finish

the pilgrimage to the graveyard. On

the side it is tagged. Graffiti, blue and white,

loud and graceful as a break-beat:



There was no warning for the scenery. Made

less sense than witnessing a beached

whale or a silver tooth amidst an ivory mouth.

Such an exhausted desire in that unruly, blonde

terrain. Abandon personified in a pasture.

I wonder who, in this field, long ago, once

kissed the seeds, bent and weaving in

the heat, who first begged the green back

in the beginning.



One Comment

  1. I saw a way out
    I saw hope but no way out
    what’s in the dark must come to light
    our hearts trully shine so bright
    my faith my guide
    my pleaset dream that guides me through the night
    I am Ashley…..
    I shine so bright
    more than any star that shines in the sky
    I make a way
    I see a away
    I take it and I break free
    and then I set off and now I am free
    This is me.

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