Really Good Poems by Alanna Bailey


For K.I.T.K


You are naked all over the house.

You are making the bathroom blush.

You lie lazily in your bathtub like a blood red

pomegranate served in a white ceramic bowl.


When I arrive, you towel up, and we search

the tepid August night for the Mars star. You lean

near with the conviction of a saint, fingers and wrists

dancing like reeds as you move the hair from my face.


Such a vicious love, with a wide laugh, lazy as a root.


You insist on a stroll. There is a pumpkin and a rusted

tin of kerosene growing decrepit in the creek. A

green lit crucifix hung outside the local bar. There

are kittens crying for Egypt. Driving away


from you, I can see the tankers off the coast

walk over the sea, looking like giants swaying slow,

heavy arms dragging, murmuring to one another

like unsure elders, that they are lost…


And I miss you girl, I miss you already.



One Comment

  1. I saw a way out
    I saw hope but no way out
    what’s in the dark must come to light
    our hearts trully shine so bright
    my faith my guide
    my pleaset dream that guides me through the night
    I am Ashley…..
    I shine so bright
    more than any star that shines in the sky
    I make a way
    I see a away
    I take it and I break free
    and then I set off and now I am free
    This is me.

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