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Carlos fishing in the bay of Santa Clara de Uchunya [PHOTO CREDIT: Sarah Sax]

Seguimos Luchando: We Will Continue Our Fight

Deep in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, the encroachment of internationally-owned palm oil plantations on ancestral Shibipo lands inspires a village's resistance.
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Sunset over the Amazon River.

Where the River Fairies Are: A Quest on the Amazon River with the Pink Dolphins

Yiyuan Jasmine Qin traces the journey of the Amazon river dolphin, or the Boto, along the Amazon River as it winds through complex, intertwining stories of scientific research and conservation efforts, threats from overfishing and indigenous community development.
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Blogs, Summer 2014

A field assistant places a camera high in the Iskanderkul Pass, ideal snow leopard habitat. Photo by Tara Meyer.

Searching for the ghost cat in Tajikistan: Part Two

Tara Meyer and her team discover evidence of the snow leopard in Tajikistan's Hissar Mountains.
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Blogs, Summer 2014

Searching for the ghost cat in Tajikistan: Part One

Searching for the ghost cat in Tajikistan: Part One

Tara Meyer braves Tajikistan's Hissar Mountains to conserve the elusive snow leopard.
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Nature Compensates

Nature Compensates

SAGE Magazine sits down with Peter Kareiva, Chief Scientist of The Nature Conservancy, to discuss why he see nature as resilient, not fragile. Photo by Kike Calvo.
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Jennie Miller interviews a forest guard after a leopard attack in Kahna.

Reading the bones: In the field with a depredation detective

Big cats kill a lot of livestock in India's Kahna Reserve, provoking local herders to retaliate. Jennie Miller is using forensics, ecology, and satellite mapping to reduce the escalating tension between large predators and people.
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