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Aqueduct-walking in the Mojave Desert

Aqueduct-walking in the Mojave Desert

Sayd Randle hikes with a filmmaker along the Los Angeles Aqueduct as they meet the communities impacted by the water consumption of Los Angeles, California.
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Sunset over the Amazon River.

Where the River Fairies Are: A Quest on the Amazon River with the Pink Dolphins

Yiyuan Jasmine Qin traces the journey of the Amazon river dolphin, or the Boto, along the Amazon River as it winds through complex, intertwining stories of scientific research and conservation efforts, threats from overfishing and indigenous community development.
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The dive boat awaits at Namenanlala's dock. Photo by the author.

Leaving Paradise Behind

The dream of living on a remote, tropical island nearly killed Tom Moody. But in the end, it also saved him.
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Salmon People

Salmon People

Who will the Salmon People of the Pacific Northwest be when there aren't any salmon?
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Searching for the ghost cat in Tajikistan: Part Three

Searching for the ghost cat in Tajikistan: Part Three

Tara Meyer and her team conclude their search for the snow leopard in Tajikistan's Hissar Mountains.
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Much of the Grand Canyon is arid and covered in desert scrub. Photo by the author.

A Gurgle Beneath the Roar: The Grand Canyon’s Hidden Water

When it comes to water in the arid landscape, Laurel Hamers says we should be concerned about more than just the Colorado.
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