2018 Print Edition, Place, Politics

"Out for a Stroll" Flashe on Canvas; 14" x 11"[Artwork by Sean Hutton]

Posted & Patrolled

Cultures clash over the course of an afternoon deer hunt in Vermont—and an unlikely bond between strangers takes shape.
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Conservation, Multimedia, Place, Wildlife

Drought Survivors

Drought Survivors

Through paintings and prose, a writer reflects on the startling resilience she finds in the most unexpected of places.
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Culture, Photo Essay, Place

The Mountain Traditions Project

The Mountain Traditions Project

Through the lens of a camera, a sister/brother duo on the quest to highlight the natural beauty and cultural traditions of Central Appalachia.
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Activism, Buildings, Place

Owned/Abandoned: The drastic difference between an owned and a vacant property. Imagine what could be if more houses were revitalized and made into homes.

Failing House: Rowhouses are meant to support each other. When one is demolished, it threatens the structural integrity of those around it. In this case, a neighboring house was demolished, the new external wall was left unreinforced, and a homeowner was left unsupported.

Playground: Leftover concrete sewer pipes were repurposed as playground equipment during the 1960's installation of inner block parks in West Baltimore.

Rowhouses & Lots: The view from an inner block park to the adjacent street wall through vacant lots. What causes these spaces in the first place? And who participates in, and benefits from, outside intervention?

Reclaim Harlem Park

Baltimore residents cultivate community power in place.
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Activism, Human Landscape, Place

Voices Underwater: Flint, Still in Search of Solutions

Voices Underwater: Flint, Still in Search of Solutions

Following a classroom study of the Flint water crisis, Meredith Brown meets and shares the stories of Flint residents at the Water Infrastructure Conference in Flint, Michigan in March 2017.
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Human Landscape, Place, Technology

Searching for the Stars: Light Pollution in Puerto Rico

Searching for the Stars: Light Pollution in Puerto Rico

Javier A. Román-Nieves documents the night skies above Puerto Rico to encourage understanding of the consequences of light pollution on the environment and the planet.
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