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Alisa May

If You Love Your Electrons, Set Them Free

For a nation so devoted to capitalism, our energy markets are heavily rigged to price out clean-tech. If a carbon tax is out of the question for now, mechanisms to favor CO2-free electrons may lie in transmission.
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Talking Tongass: First Impressions from the Last Frontier

Talking Tongass: First Impressions from the Last Frontier

After several weeks of traveling, I’ve finally arrived in Sitka, Alaska, where I'm working with the US Forest Service in the Tongass National Forest.
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Human Landscape, Indigenous Peoples

Perspectives from the People’s Land: When the Cree Say No

Perspectives from the People’s Land: When the Cree Say No

Ed. note: This is the third installment in Perspectives from the People’s Land, Naomi Heindel’s blog about her summer research in James Bay, Quebec. Follow the links to check out Part 1 and Part 2.

What does it mean …

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National police patrol the streets of Cajamarca on the fourth of July.

Conga No Va: Peruvians Die in Gold Mine Protests

Protests against a planned gold mine in Cajamarca, Peru, turned violent last week, resulting in five deaths. The conflict pits American mining giant Newmont against locals who claim that the mine will poison their water and destroy their livelihoods. FES' own Vrinda Manglik was in Peru to witness the protests.
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This couple lost their home to a typhoon, and now live in a shack that lacks a roof and two walls.

Climate and the Coast: The Frontlines of Poverty

Editor’s note: This post is the second installment of Climate and the Coast, Angela Whitney’s summer blog about her research on fishing communities in the Philippines. Click here to read the first entry. 

he baby’s head is so swollen that …

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