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Photo by Sarah Fedderman

Really Good Poems by Alanna Bailey

Visions from a drive through Plaquemines Parish.
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Sunsets on a coal-fired powerplant

Complications with English: A Fight for Clean Power and Clean Air

In 2001, an effort to restart a New Haven power plant while cleaning the city's air stalled in litigation. It took another decade and myriad lawsuits until a serious proposal to improve New Haven's air quality once again took to the fore, found traction, and became reality. So, what happened?
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The Arctic Irony: Protecting Areas We May Never See

The Arctic Irony: Protecting Areas We May Never See

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, huge and undeveloped, represents the kind of wilderness upon which America has defined itself. Its almost 20 million acres are visited by only a few thousand rugged tourists each year. And the Refuge's northern border sits atop billions of barrels of untapped oil. Eliza Cava reports on this tension during a week-long rafting trip down the Firth River.
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Rickshaws wait for passengers at the New Delhi train station.

Snapshot: Mass Transit in India

India's rapid development and rising wealth pose huge questions for the motorization of a country with more than one billion inhabitants. The subcontinent is on the move, and here Joshua Sperling considers some of the major implications.
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