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Fracking, Place

Boom: Fossil Fuel Collisions

Fracking | Accident 

The driver of the frackwater truck swerved because there was a little girl walking along the highway. She was walking eastward early that morning, not precisely on the shoulder, swerving in and out of the edge line the way …

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Keystone XL: Deciding the National Interest

Keystone XL: Deciding the National Interest

President Obama has twice rejected construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, declaring it not in the national interest. If you're wondering from where he derives this authority, here's a hint: that's a trick question.
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Sunsets on a coal-fired powerplant

Complications with English: A Fight for Clean Power and Clean Air

In 2001, an effort to restart a New Haven power plant while cleaning the city's air stalled in litigation. It took another decade and myriad lawsuits until a serious proposal to improve New Haven's air quality once again took to the fore, found traction, and became reality. So, what happened?
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