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Patterson: “Outrageous” That Farmers’ Lawsuit was Dismissed

Patterson: “Outrageous” That Farmers’ Lawsuit was Dismissed

Last week's featured article, Organic on the Offensive, inspired strong reactions from people on both sides of the genetically modified agriculture debate. Among the responses Sage received was a letter from Don Patterson, a Virginian farmer and the man who helped catalyze the lawsuit.
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Organic, unmodified carrots grown by the farm at Hell's Backbone Grill, Utah. (Photo by Benjamin Goldfarb.)

Organic on the Offensive: Nation’s Farmers Sue Big Ag

A group of farmers are waging a class-action lawsuit against giant GM seed company Monsanto. The farmers' argument? "An invention that poisons people is not patentable." Ben Goldfarb explores an ongoing case with the power to revolutionize the way America grows its food.
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