Some examples from Litterati's "Digital Landfill" that users have uploaded.

Litterati: A 21st Century Solution to Litter

Inspired by his 4-year-old daughter, a Bay Area writer creates a virtual landfill with the vision of cleaner streets for us all.
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The Adventures of Shark Stanley and Friends: Official Book Release

The Adventures of Shark Stanley and Friends: Official Book Release

Shark Stanley was already the star of a grassroots conservation campaign and an international celebrity. Now he’s the hero of a children’s book, too. Sage Magazine takes an exclusive sneak peek.
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Benjamin Gervais/The PPC

Powerful Interests: A Conversation with Sandra Steingraber

The award-winning writer, scientist, and activist talks to Sage Magazine about fracking, water pollution, surviving cancer, and why human rights and the environment are inextricably linked.
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Delta Blues: Documenting Nigeria’s Oil Conflict

Delta Blues: Documenting Nigeria’s Oil Conflict

What does our thirst for cheap coil cost the people of the Niger Delta? Filmmaker Andrew Berends spent eight months amongst guerilla warriors fighting for their fair share of the spoils.
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National police patrol the streets of Cajamarca on the fourth of July.

Conga No Va: Peruvians Die in Gold Mine Protests

Protests against a planned gold mine in Cajamarca, Peru, turned violent last week, resulting in five deaths. The conflict pits American mining giant Newmont against locals who claim that the mine will poison their water and destroy their livelihoods. FES' own Vrinda Manglik was in Peru to witness the protests.
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Seemingly harmless shipwrecks may be leaching oil and other hazardous materials into marine environments. Photo: Ben Goldfarb

OP-ED: European Union Must Strengthen Laws for Shipwreck Cleanup

Adele Faure and Anthony Moffa are J.D. candidates at Yale Law School, and Sandy Aylesworth and Ben Goldfarb are Master’s candidates at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. As part of Yale’s Environmental Protection Clinic, the students are