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Summer Blog 2013

Kelly Stoner in Tanzania, part 3

Kelly Stoner in Tanzania, part 3

Just a quick post today to note an F&ES connection here in Tanzania!

This past semester I took a course entitled “Conservation in Practice: An International Perspective” taught by McKluskey Fellow Dr. Amy Vedder. It was an interesting look at …

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Summer Blog 2013

A leopardess and her cub caught on a camera trap.

Kelly Stoner in Tanzania, Part 2

June 17

he Land Rover growls and grumbles as we bounce over gullies and ditches, the hum of the engine scattering songbirds when we pass by their perches. Rounding one corner, we skirt so close to the edge of an …

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Summer Blog 2013

The Maasai woman who sold me my anklet.

Kelly Stoner in Tanzania

The crowds seem to converge under the massive wood and tin structure looming ahead: the Arusha market. It is here that fresh fruits and vegetables, smoked fish, dried beans and rice, and baggies of aromatic spices are brought, showcased, and …

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