Kelly Stoner in Tanzania, part 3

Just a quick post today to note an F&ES connection here in Tanzania!

This past semester I took a course entitled “Conservation in Practice: An International Perspective” taught by McKluskey Fellow Dr. Amy Vedder. It was an interesting look at the challenges and opportunities for conserving wildlife, and with a small class of only 16 students we got into some very interesting discussions. Throughout the semester, I was struck by how optimistic Amy and her husband, Bill, are about the potential success of conservation programs. While cautioning that the context and circumstances must be carefully considered, they urged us to search for solutions to complex conservation problems, particularly when human livelihoods are a part of the equation.

I was greatly inspired by Amy and Bill’s attitude toward conservation, and decided this was a pair of people I’d like to stay in touch with after their departure. So when I heard that they were going to be visiting Tarangire National Park, near my study site, I suggested we get together. It was a wonderful visit – Amy and Bill and their friends Pat and Paul were kind enough to let me join their safari for a night while they were staying at the Tarangire Safari Lodge. It was a fantastic break from my work at Noloholo, and fun to see friendly F&ES faces so far from New Haven.

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