Multimedia: Take a Tour of the Center for PostNatural History

Editor’s Note: The audio slideshows below accompany a story by Jonathan Minard on the Center for PostNatural History, which catalogs man-made species, and the man behind it, artist Rich Pell. Each slideshow tells the story of a different genetically-modified species housed at the Center. You can watch them individually, but they’re even better in sequence.

To read Minard’s story, go here.


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Jonathan Minard

Jonathan Minard is an artist and filmmaker who investigates human experience in extreme environments and the evolutionary dynamic between nature and culture. Areas of interest include astrobiology, deep sea oceanography, the SETI program and the emerging culture of humans in outer space. At the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University, Jonathan is involved with the Moon Arts Project. In 2011, he founded a documentary production company, Deepspeed Media.

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  2. Andy Zimmermann says:

    This is fascinating, Jonathan. Nice work! I’m guessing the Center’s collection will continue to expand…

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