Unabated Wildfires Within Maples

Nameless. Pete Saloutos (2023).
Morphologies emerge in variable ways,
Protruding through space and time,
Yielding multifarious mazes. 
Glacial surfaced segments twist further, 
Above their predecessors, which have
Not experienced substrates for decades.
At this height, nearer the stationary sun,
Substrate synthesis vastly differs from ground soil
Resources. Branching extremities harbor greened
Nurse material, the might surface rivals.
An absence of soil elongates leaves,
Posing less threat to the integrity of the whole. 
Garnet-green ombres spread across branches, 
Greeting old and fuzzy friends. 
Full-bodied purples quietly extend into Mauves and Amethysts
Resiliently waiting for treacherous winds’ incipience. Chasing tails through inner-deciduous 
Networks are indicative of a storm. Inner-tree intricacies greet 
Dozens of avian visitors, further diversifying the matrix.
Scarlet Tanagers and Fish Crows hold hands in a slow-moving current of reds, oranges 
And yellows. Terrestrial whirlpools rarely exhibit baleful intentions, so these native
Visitors will mollify the scene.  

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