Photographs: Occupy Wall Street & Times Square October 15th


2011.10.15 – The day Occupy Wall Street goes worldwide!

Alright people!  We just got back from New York City….  Here are a few shots from yesterday at the park and Times Square, with my cousin, Ben, Elise, Tom, and Mike.

Some highlights from the day:  great art, music, no violence, seeing RFK Jr., Times Square occupied, grammatically correct signage, hearing and watching the movement go worldwide.

Let’s get some more momentum going this week!  Check out a meeting this week to get an idea of what you can bring to the conversation.  FES’ers can definitely add a lot to this, since the issues on the table are pretty much everything we’re working on here.  There are a ton of independent media and interviewers scooping up information, and it’s important to have people present who can intelligently represent the issues.  And let’s get some more pictures!


enjoy!  – monte



an awesome live display of comments from around the world on a giant flatscreen

occupy wall street


nypd - serving interests and protecting money

prefer the occupation

reclaimed advertising - "i don't usually join protests, but when i do, i prefer occupy wall street!"


if you want trickle-down, then that's all you'll get.

nasdaq pd

what a convenient place for a police station


armed nypd guards protecting chase bank on your dime.


protesters that smelled were taken in by the fbi for cleaning.

every corner

a bank on every corner, for 9 corners in a row

police state

imperial biker scouts, looking imperialer every day!


decolonize wallstreet


a lot of awesome old-timey cameras



one of the many important issues needing support

democracy at work

democracy at work


robert f. kennedy jr., checking out the scene


bring 'em home



organized cleaning supplies to keep the park sanitary


a cross-section of the 99%

free music

free concerts



"those who believe they're free are the most helplessly enslaved."

organized meetingshigh spirits

getting organized


interviewing occupiers


organized food

keeping the occupation fed

creepy guard tower

creepy guard tower overseeing the occupation



"occupy wall street movement goes worldwide" - abc news ticker, times square

Austin Lord

Austin Lord is a graduate student at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, focusing in Political Ecology and Environmental Anthropology with an area concentration in Himalayan Studies. His ongoing research concerns processes of social and spatial change in areas affected by hydropower development in Nepal, with a particular focus on changing livelihoods and shifting patterns of migration and mobility. Austin spent over six months conducting fieldwork within Nepal during 2012 and 2013, focusing specifically on the upper watersheds of the Trishuli and Tamakoshi rivers, and he plans to return to Nepal in 2014-2015 to continue and expand this work. Prior to attending Yale, Austin studied Hydrology at Portland State University and received an A.B. in Economics and Studio Art from Dartmouth College. A broader collection of his photographic work (from Nepal and elsewhere) can be found at

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