Environmental Solidarity Working Group & Climate Justice Day @ OWS

If you believe you can help with the below efforts, or would like to get involved generally, please email: Environmentalist Solidarity: owseswg@gmail.com

If you can physically participate with the Environmental Solidarity Working Group – meetings are held daily at 4pm in the atrium at 60 Wall St.

A new Working Group has been formed in at #Occupy in NYC called the Environmentalist Solidarity Working Group – formerly only rumbling through the pipeline, now officially arrived.

The stated mission of this group: “To bring environmentalist forces and voices together to holistically inform political, economical and social debates inside and outside Occupy Wall Street.”

This working group is in the process of beginning several larger actions – seems to be a fecund moment, with a great deal of interest indicated. These actions include:
– Drafting a charter
– Generating a list of speakers and academics/intellectuals for teach-ins and rallies etc.
– Generating a list of organizations and institutions to form a support network

Upcoming events related to this #Occupy Working Group include:

Climate Justice Day at OWS on Sunday, October 30th – with panel discussions on:

– Wall St, (Capitalism), and the Roots of the Ecological Crisis
– The Nuclear Debacle
– Fossil Fuels
– Mountaintop Removal & Coal
– Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation
– Eco-Resistance and Environmental Strategies


#Occupy to lend strength to the Keystone XL Pipeline Protests at the White House in Washington DC on Nov 6th

This video shows the actor Mark Ruffalo rousing interest in this event in NYC last Thursday, just prior to an #Occupy organized march against the Spectra Pipeline, from Liberty Park to the FERC hearing in midtown, in NYC.

Lots of work to be done. More to come…

-Austin Lord

Austin Lord

Austin Lord is a graduate student at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, focusing in Political Ecology and Environmental Anthropology with an area concentration in Himalayan Studies. His ongoing research concerns processes of social and spatial change in areas affected by hydropower development in Nepal, with a particular focus on changing livelihoods and shifting patterns of migration and mobility. Austin spent over six months conducting fieldwork within Nepal during 2012 and 2013, focusing specifically on the upper watersheds of the Trishuli and Tamakoshi rivers, and he plans to return to Nepal in 2014-2015 to continue and expand this work. Prior to attending Yale, Austin studied Hydrology at Portland State University and received an A.B. in Economics and Studio Art from Dartmouth College. A broader collection of his photographic work (from Nepal and elsewhere) can be found at www.austinlord.com.

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