Algae, Wood, and a Singular Bowl

Untitled Photo of Wood Bowl and Water. Luis Prato, 2023.
Four slats of discolored wood possess salmon streaks and steel
Blue parcels. They are equanimous and unmoving, although
Existing to provide a wise substrate. In this mountainous
Land, characterized by few algal assemblages and fungi Valleys, a mat finds a way to complete its synthesis.
The chartreuse green mat boasts a gradient of
Color and unexpected rigidity. In this scene, the algae
Moss complex exhibits depressions from the 
Woody slats, which might take millennia to
Return to its original state.
Smoothed by the hands of a master crafter, a
Rubber-ficus brown bowl rests atop the upper
Plank, eclipsing portions of the chilled
Lake’s blueness. Two species of hardwood 
Rest with one another, speaking of their 
Forested days, with unconfined patches of Moss and Fungi.

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