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Summer Blog 2013

Kids from poor families in Banda wait to receive a free meal from a program operated by Kageno.

Tess Croner in Rwanda


I’m writing after my first week in Rwanda, where I’ll be spending the summer—first as part of a study tour led by Amy Vedder (with Yufang Gao and Lily Sweikert), visiting conservation and development projects throughout the country, …

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Summer Blog 2013

Ben Friedman in the City

Ben Friedman in the City

Wednesday At Tempelhof

ere I am at Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, Germany, one week after turning in my final Environmental Campaigns paper in New Haven. I biked here from my brother’s flat in the Kreuzberg area of a city I …

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New Haven Mayor Candidates Respond to Social Justice Questions at Public Debate

New Haven Mayor Candidates Respond to Social Justice Questions at Public Debate

Six would-be mayors speak on wages, affordable housing, and other social concerns. But did environmental justice get short shrift?
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Summer Blog 2013

photo by Brian Clites

School of Forestry & Environmental Studies Summer Blog ’13

Every summer a small army of researchers and interns from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies filters out into the world. This year Sage Magazine asked a bunch of them to tell us about their progress, giving us all opportunities for insight into the places and people they were getting to know. Keep checking in to watch the adventures unfold.
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Diodora is among the activists fighting to prevent Goldcorp from despoiling their lands.

Cross of Gold: A Mining Company Arrives, and Guatemalans Fight Back

Adedana Ashebir sits down with filmmakers JT Haines and Andrew Sherburne during the world premiere of their documentary "Gold Fever."
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