Greening The Hill

Late this October, Katherine Romans and I headed down to New Haven’s Hill neighborhood to document a mass tree planting being conducted by an unlikely bunch of volunteers from across Connecticut. High school students, ex-offenders, and bankers labored alongside one another for the better part of a day, all driven by the motivation to plant a whopping 50 trees and enliven a stark street-scape. This multimedia piece provides a snapshot of the week’s work and some of the characters who contributed to its success.

Tahria Sheather

Inspired by its breathtaking beauty and wild nature, Tahria has always had a love for the environment and communicating its complexities. After studying journalism and geography at the University of Sydney, Australia, she worked with government and non-profit groups to communicate issues from environmental planning and development to climate change and food security. Amidst endless travel and exploration, the Australian native developed her photographic skill and now also expresses her passion for the environment and storytelling through the lens.

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  1. This is terrific! Nice work, Tahria and the Greenskills Crew!

  2. Virginia Mena-Herrera says:

    I am from Costa Rica, and I had the opportunity to participate in this activity through U.R.I of Yale, during my internship sponsored by Departament of State and hosted by the University of Connecticut in U.S and University for Peace in Costa Rica. It was a great experienced and I’ve learned so much of this activity, I´m thinking to do a similar activity here in the inner-city areas that I work with next to landfills. Congratulations to all the people that organized and participated, and thank you for letting me be part of it!

  3. Leslie Radcliffe says:

    Thank you URI, Greenskils and TD Bank for the work you’ve done to help transform the Hill. Many don’t realize the BIG difference a tree makes in the beautification and calming of a neighborhood … it brings life, color, freshness, beauty … it brings people to gether in the planting. It brings the notion that something good CAN and DOES grow in the innversity. I am with a group that has adopted the Truman Street area of our neighborhood and are involved in beautifying our neighborhood with curbstrip plantings, street cleaning and a community garden. This effort helps to tie in a larger area – helping us to become more of a community! Thank you – and we in the Hill look forward to continue working together.

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