A Collection of Sculptures

“Cupcake”, bronze, 2017

“Free Rider”, bronze, 2017

“Got Away Too”, verde italian marble, 2022

“Got It Bleue”, bronze, 2023

“Half Eaten Apple”, bronze, 2017

“Happy”, Alabaster on marble, 2022

“Hard Winter”, bronze, 2015

“Lil Longorn”, bronze, 2016

“Now What?”, calcite, steatite, green and rose alabaster, 2022

“One Trick Pony”, bronze, 2020

“Reunidos”, marble, 2019

Artist’s statement:

The purpose of my artwork is to invoke an awakening of the sensual. Stimulating a
perceptual, internal, and intellectual response for the viewer: a visual that speaks to
life’s experiences. Creating symbols of universal connection underscores the
relationship that one has to another and to nature.

Art conveys my nonverbal view of life. An ongoing portrayal of myself, my behavior,
adventure, exploration, risk taking, and non-acceptance of convention and the
status quo. Constantly in search of the new and different – I am fascinated with the
unconventional. Life has a hard, aggressive side, as does much of my work,
represented by rigid, angular lines. However, the soft side is also apparent, visible
as curves and soft forms. Combining different elements, I bring forth a duality in
the sculptures that I create.

Using the invaluable experience of the mentorship of Bill Prokopiof and Doug Hyde,
along with my own vision, I have created an evolving body of work in alabaster,
marble, limestone, and bronze. I was recently working on a commissioned piece
and, while working, reflected on why I carve stone, a very primitive art form. The
client had sent me a photo and specific dimensions. My process is to first draw it
out dimensionally and then make a small clay model before beginning to sculpt.

Then I start my work, in this case on a block of white marble. I measure and
measure, then cut, then measure and then cut again, then recheck my drawing –
and repeat. Finally, hopefully having made no mistakes, the figure begins to
emerge. It is a great feeling of accomplishment! It is that mental challenge that
inspires me to carve in stone. I thoroughly enjoy the cerebral exertion and
concentration that is crucial to bringing something out of the stone, something that
you really cannot do with clay or any other medium.

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